Talk by BBC foreign correspondent Katya Adler, 10 December

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Wed, 28 Nov 2012

Katya Adlerreporting in a crisis zone

The Bristol Hannover Council's German Christmas Lecture will be held on Monday 10 December at 5.15 in Lecture Theatre 3 behind 17 Woodland Road.

This year's speaker is the BBC foreign correspondent Katya Adler, who graduated from Bristol University with a degree in German and Italian in 1995. After graduating, Katya established herself as a journalist with ORF in Vienna and since 1998 has been a foreign correspondent with the BBC, based in Madrid and also reporting extensively from the Middle East. She is a regular presenter of HARDtalk.

Katya's talk is provisionally entitled 'Being a war correspondent, a woman, a German and other preconceived ideas'.

via Mark Allinson, Bristol Hannover Council executive member.

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